Clarifier Parts

Before-and-After-Impeller-Guide-BearingSIGMA Engineering and Consulting Associates brings decades of excellence in providing quality parts and service to the Power Generation, Paper, Municipal, Petro and Chemical Industries.

SIGMA is a full service corporation in the Water and Wastewater Industry, refurbishing existing equipment such as Clarifiers and Thickeners.

Manufactured aftermarket parts through our Reverse Engineering Service for customers that have water treatment units for:

  • Graver
  • Ecodyne
  • USFilter
  • Envirex
  • Permutit Systems

Clarifier-Illistration1Manufactured Parts:

  • Shafts – Scraper Shafts, Rake Shafts, Impeller Shafts, Circulator Shafts, Gear and Sprocket Drive Shafts
  • Gears
  • Bearings- Driven and Pinion Bearings, Bearing Housings, Split Bearings, Impeller Bearings, and Guide Bearings
  • Liners -  Split Liners, Ryertex Liners, Phenolic Liners, and Micarta Liners
  • Sprockets - Driven and Drive
  • Paddles
  • Arms – Scraper Arms and Rake Arms
  • Gear Boxes

Do not discard your worn assemblies or subassemblies!

  • Bearing Housing
  • Gear Boxes